Caring for your birch trees will often mean dealing with pests like the Bronze Birch Borer. Here are some tips and tricks for handling this pest.

With the bronze birch borer spreading throughout America, it is only a matter of time before it appears in your garden or arboretum. With that in mind, you should learn more about this voracious pest before it is too late to save your trees.

This article will help you understand how to engage in birch tree care by recognizing and dealing with these insects before they spread too far. Read on to learn more about how to protect your plants.

What are Bronze Birch Borers?

These birch tree pests are small beetles that tend to prey on already-stressed trees. They lay their eggs in space underneath the bark of trees, and when they hatch these insects begin to feed on the layers below the bark.

This feeding can become very extensive, especially with large a bronze birch borer infestation. As such, a tree that has become victim to the beetle can die out fast due to girdling.

Where are Bronze Birch Borers Found?

You can find bronze birch borer across the northern half of the United States. Despite this, other infestations have affected states further south, such as Maryland and Kansas.

In general, the borer exists in sites with heavy, clay soils. Trees that are exhibiting stress are also much more susceptible to infestation. This means that the borers are often found in trees that are outside of their preferred habitat.

Signs of Bronze Birch Borers

One of the most obvious signs of bronze birch borer infestation is when the crown of the plant starts to die off. This indicates a high degree of girdling that can lead to the death of the plant if not dealt with.

You can often also see the plant start to grow new branches below the location where the tree has begun to die. This can help you locate the exact site of the beetles.

If the beetles exist, you will find D-shaped borer exit holes that are rust-colored. You may also see as well as extrusions underneath the bark where the tree has tried to heal.

How to Treat

Bronze birch borer control starts with trying to remove current infections as well as prevent further attacks. The best way to handle insect management in this way is to make use of insecticides.

Making use of trunk injections and sprays can do wonders for your garden. Although, there are specific times of the year when they are most effective. Aim for a month before adult borers emerge, such as in the spring, or in late September to prevent next year’s emergence.

Hiring a Professional

Now you understand how to deal with the bronze birch borer, you could try searching for and reacting to the problem yourself. Of course, you may not have the confidence to do this on your own and want to bring in someone who you know has experience in this issue.

Our specialists are waiting to talk to you about the bronze birch borer and are more than happy to discuss options with you. So, get in contact today and we will let you know what we can do.

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