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855Treeman Tree Service serves Hollywood Maryland with these services: tree trimming, tree removal, tree disease treatment, stump grinding and crane assisted tree services at your home or business. We offer free estimates for the work you want done. Please read our reviews here and on google to see what your neighbors say about us.

Hollywood is in Southern Maryland, in St. Mary’s County.

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hollywood md tree service

Tree Pruning 

This morning in Hollywood, Maryland we trimmed two trees that were encroaching over the customers fence. We also took down a Gum tree that was growing entirely over the fence. Horizontal branches typically have end weight on them which can cause the branches to fail. We recommend removing the lower horizontal branches, and leaving the upright growing branches.
hollywood maryland tree service

Hollywood Maryland Tree Services Available


855TREEMAN has the most 5-star reviews of all tree services in and near Hollywood Maryland. We provide free, on-site written estimates for any tree related service you may need.

Dorothy Higgins

Hollywood, MD Terrific service - will use Alex & his team again in the future. Very happy with the job - thanks!

Don Miller

TREEMAN was the third tree service I called, but turned out to be the only one that would even consider tackling the large branches that were hanging over my roof that were not accessible by bucket trucks. They were prompt, efficient, and did everything professionally and safely. I would highly recommend their services in the future.


Hollywood, MD Good service, did a good job.

Rolland Campbell

I had the TreeMan crew do some tree work for me today and found them to be totally expert at the task and with use of the best in equipment. And with a very impressive team of people that all worked well together. A very professional operation. I think anyone considering tree work to be done should be able to have total confidence in this company. Hollywood, MD

Toni Hunsinger

Hollywood, MD Great experience. Prices are very competitive, individuals arrived promptly, were very conscientious of our personal property, worked quickly and safely. Highly recommend.

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