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855 Treeman Tree Service serves Leonardtown Maryland with tree trimming, tree removal, tree disease treatment, stump grinding and crane assisted tree services at your home or business.

Leonardtown is in Southern Maryland, in St. Mary’s County.  Their city website is here https://leonardtown.somd.com/ .  The Naval Air Base located at Patuxent River is nearby. Leonardtown is a great place to visit for a weekend; here is the visitor website:  https://www.visitleonardtownmd.com/ .

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Tree Trimming

August 10, 2021. Today in Leonardtown, MD we elevated the downward growing limbs, thinned out the canopy, and removed a large amount of dead wood from this old Oak tree.

Arborists In Leonardtown MD

855TREEMAN has the most 5-star reviews of all tree services in and near Leonardtown Maryland. We provide free, on-site written estimates for any tree related service you may need.

Michael Boyle

Leonardtown, MD Treeman did a fantastic job, and it was awesome watching them do the work. Well coordinated which makes for a quick and efficient job. I can say with certainty that any job I need to have done or anyone that asks for advice on a tree removal work, it will be Treeman.

Jane Nau

Leonardtown, MD I got an estimate for having two trees removed and another trimmed. I didn’t have the work done yet but they have been very professional. I hope to have the work done at sometime in the future.

Chris Sullivan

855 Treeman arrived at 0730 with a crew of 7 to take down dead or dying 4 trees. They were professional, neat, and efficient. They took care not to damage other trees and plants and completed the job in 3 hours. They did a and I was very satisfied. Leonardtown, Maryland

Rosine Hodges Downs

Alex and every one of the guys in the crew are the hardest working, caring, most kind and respectful workers I have met. From the time they arrive to the time they finish up, they are hustling. There hasn't been a job too big for them to handle yet, and I have had a few really big trees go down. It sure is nice to know who I can call when I am in need! Thanks for all your hard work!

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Our services for Leonardtown Maryland include:

  • Tree cutting
  • Tree removal
  • Tree pruning
  • Major yard debris removal
  • Diagnosis and treatment of tree diseases
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