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855TREEMAN offers a wide range of professional tree services that are designed to keep your trees healthy and looking their best. Our team of certified arborists is trained in the proper techniques needed to safely trim and prune your trees.

Looking for expert tree services in Southern Maryland? We offer a range of professional tree care services to keep your trees healthy, safe, and beautiful. Whether you need tree trimming, tree removal, stump grinding, or tree planting, 855TREEMAN can provide the expertise and tools necessary to get the job done efficiently and safely.

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855Treeman Meet the Team

My name is Jorge and I am a foreman. I have been with Treeman for three years.

My name is Mark Tavera i’ve been working for 855TREEMAN for two years.

My name is James Weaver i’ve been working for Treeman a year and nine months.

My name is Alan Smart. I’m a ground crew for Treeman now going on six months.

Jackie Pixley – ground foreman six years.

Hi I’m John Evans. I’ve been a foreman for Treeman for five years.

My name is Chris Kaminsky. I’m operations manager. I’m training supervisor and I also do sales. I’ve been working for 855TREEMAN since may of 2015.

My name is Craig and I am a ground worker and I have been successfully at tree man for one week as of today.

Hi my name is Brittany Wright. I am the office manager and I’ve been here for five years.

My name’s Alex Wright and I’m the founder and president of 855 Treeman.

What is your favorite thing about 855TREEMAN?

My favorite thing is that everybody is very reliable and professional.

What I like most is probably driving the trucks.

Using a chainsaw, operating the chipper.

Here at Treeman I think my favorite thing is the equipment.

He’s got very nice equipment.

At Treeman we have the top of the line equipment.

I like the equipment that we use to take down the trees.

Coming out and working with the guys.

It is a good group of guys; everybody gets along.

So far the people have been very understanding that i am new to the industry.

What is your favorite thing about the tree cutting industry?

I like the outdoors a lot.

I prefer being outside working.

The part about tree work that i enjoy the most is being up in the lift or up in a tree cutting that’s probably the easiest job but it’s fun.

I love the different species of trees. I love taking them down.

It keeps me motivated.

I am looking forward to climbing my first tree and taking it down. That thundering crack when a tree hits the ground – it’s amazing.

The satisfaction of the finished result.

Training new guys that come with zero experience and within three four years they’re climbing, running buckets at a real high level. I think i like passing on the knowledge. Just being outside; every day is different.

Well really I just like our customers and being able to service our customers in a timely manner.

What i like about the tree business is that you always need it. Even if times get hard and you’re in a recession. If the tree’s going to fall on your house, you need to cut it down.

You don’t want to just hire anyone. You got to hire the best.

Tree Trimming

Discover top-notch tree trimming services in King George County that elevate your outdoor space. Our skilled arborists and cutting-edge equipment ensure a seamless and professional experience, focusing on the longevity and safety of your trees.

Tree Removal

In King George County, we understand that sometimes tree removal is a necessary step in ensuring the safety and aesthetics of your property. Our expert tree removal services offer a seamless solution for addressing hazardous trees, unwanted vegetation, or those impeding construction projects.

Tree Diseases & Treatment

Discover effective solutions for tree diseases with our expert tree disease diagnosis and treatment services. In King George County, we specialize in identifying and addressing various tree ailments to ensure the health and longevity of your greenery.

Storm Damage

After windy weather or a storm, there may be damages to your trees. 855TREEMAN can provide emergency tree services to safely remove or trim trees that have been damaged by severe weather.

Fallen Tree Cleanup

Whether you have a dead or fallen tree, 855TREEMAN can provide tree services to safely remove it. We have the experience and resources necessary to safely remove trees of any size or type on your property.


Our team of certified and highly-experienced arborists are dedicated to providing you with superior tree care services. We prioritize safety and customer satisfaction, so you can be sure that your trees will be treated with the utmost care and respect.

We are experts in tree cutting; we know how to cut down a tree without damaging any structures or other trees around it. Contact our tree doctors for reliable and professional tree trimming services and full tree removal. Get a free tree service quote!

We listen to your tree pruning requests and trim your trees to your specifications. Our staff is professional with state of the art equipment and superior knowledge of the proper way to prune your trees here in Southern Maryland.

Stump grinding removes the unsightly stump and allows you to use the area for something else. This is more cost effective than stump removal. Get in touch with professional arborists to remove your tree stump. We are fast, friendly, and dependable.


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I would like to thank the crew of the Treeeman for a job well done. They exceeded my expectations. The crew arrived on time, discussed the scope of the work and proceeded accordingly. They were organized, worked well together and when the work was done, they rang my doorbell and asked if I was satisfied. I highly recommend THE TREEMAN for a job well done and a price that was fair. I could not be happier.

855-Treeman did a very large two day job for us last week. We had 4-6 trees trimmed up to 50 feet up. Many trees dropped and chipped and the logs put in a pile. (Tree total between 35-45) And a lot or small trees removed and chipped. There were 5+ guys each day to preform the work. This crew was one of the most well oiled and efficient crews I have ever seen. Very polite and did not mind the amount of questions and changes asked of them. When the job was complete they blew the yard and raked. Overall they are competitive and preformed well above what I expected. I recommend them strongly

The four men worked really well and safely together. Showed up on time or few minutes early, worked hard the whole time and cleaned up really well. I had a 28 year old pine tree that was leaning and needed to be removed. There was also some trimming on a wild cherry with limb over the shed. Excellent, clean work and considerate of the road, yard, grass, fence, etc. I highly recommend this company and would use again.

King George County Tree Service

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