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Tree Trimming and Cutting Services

Serving St Mary’s County, Charles County, and Calvert County Maryland

We will come out and give you a free estimate for your tree trimming work. We have the experience and the equipment to prune large trees no matter where they are on your property.  We clean up very well.

Tree pruning can save you time and money if your tree limbs allow squirrels easy access to your roof and attic. If you have solar panels, tree trimming lets you generate more electricity.

Tree limbs hanging over your house can be a worry.  We can advise you on what should be pruned back. If you have a large tree with branches hanging over your neighbor’s house, that is also a concern. Pruning the tree now can save money and prevent neighbor disputes over who should pay for storm damages.

We are based in Southern Maryland and know the rules and permits needed for tree cutting work.  We also do tree removal, strump grinding and other tree related services.

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Frequently Asked Tree Trimming Questions

What is the best time of year to trim trees?

If you are trimming 20% or less then any time is fine for the work. If you are trimming more than 20% of the tree, then winter time is best. The tree is dormant and harmful insects are not active.

Should I hire a tree trimming company?

When it comes to tree trimming, it’s important to make sure that you’re getting the most bang for your buck. Hiring a professional is always a good option, as they will have the experience and equipment necessary to take care of even the largest trees. Not only will this help to improve the appearance of your property, but it can also help to prevent future problems, such as damage caused by falling branches.

In addition, tree trimming can be an important part of keeping your home safe. Overhanging branches can create a hazard in the event of a storm, and can also provide easy access for pests like squirrels and raccoons. Pruning back these branches can help to minimize the risk of damage to your home and property.

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Paul Lenharr

These guys are absolutely excellent. From my first interaction over the phone to the cleanup after they trimmed the trees, this is a top notch company. Excellent communications, superb work ethic from all the crew members, and respect for all aspects of your property throughout the entire process. Highly recommend.

Russell Younkers

We are very pleased with the work Alex and his crew did for us. We will recommend him and use his services again. These guys are like squirrels with chain saws. They cut limbs from over the house without any damage to anything. Great job.

Lin B

We had Treeman trim 44 trees today. They did a beautiful job. Just what we wanted. I recommend them, wholeheartedly.

Sabine S

They did an awesome job trimming the limbs away from our house, removing 2 trees, grinding the stumps and removing all of the debris. I highly recommend them.

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