Conifer Spider Mites in Southern Maryland


Conifer spider mites are insects that eat the chlorophyll of your plant’s leaves, creating yellowing, brown spots, and eventually dead leaves.

With a size of only 1/60th of an inch in some cases, spider mites can be very hard to identify. These creatures are common enough to be able to cause a huge amount of damage to your plants in a short amount of time. But what can you do about something that small?

This article will help you not only identify spider mites in your garden, but it will also tell you how to deal with them. By the end, you should know how to deal with an infestation and who to call when you need help. So, read on for more.

What Are Spider Mites?

There is not only one species of spider mite. They are a wide range of creatures found in a large number of colors and sizes, although never over 1/25th of an inch. Some are even known to change color over the year, making their identification much more difficult.

Spider mites eat chlorophyll, as such these creatures feed by draining a plant of its leaf fluids. This can kill the tree fast as it is unable to support the rest of the plant when the leaves start to die.

Where Are Spider Mites Found?

Spider mites are a very common insect, found throughout the continental United States. They even exist in Southern Maryland and the rest of the east coast.

They often become active in the April and May months, then continue to feed throughout the summer. If they have caused damage, that starts to manifest later during the year as the season gets cooler.


Because of the different kinds of spider mites, there is no one way that it will damage a plant. Some cause discoloration and brown spots to appear on leaves. Whereas others affect the texture of the leaf, making it brittle or curl up as the leaf damage affects its physical makeup.

If you notice this kind of damage, pay close attention to the base of the needles and leaves. If there are spider mites, you may notice fine webbing extending on the stem.

How to Treat

Making use of insecticides can reduce the number of mites that exist on a plant. Over time, you may want to apply insecticides again to remove further appearances.

For a long-term method of controlling conifer spider mites, you could look into an injectable insecticide. This will make the plant unpalatable to the creatures and stop them from living on any injected plant.

Hiring a Professional

Now you understand how to find and deal with spider mites, you might want to get rid of them. Your options are to either get rid of them yourself or bring someone in to do that job for you. No matter which you choose, we are there to help you get the best job done that we can.

Our people are ready to answer any questions you have. So, send us a message today and we will try to answer it as soon as possible.


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