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​Military discount

  • 5% off
  • Please mention when booking

Senior discount

  • 5%
  • Must be 55 years old or older
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Storm Damage FAQS

Do you work with my insurance company?

Absolutely,  we are highly experienced with tree related insurance claims. We encourage new and existing customers to let us talk with the insurance adjuster to ensure everything goes smoothly and gets covered.

How do I handle an insurance claim for tree damage from a storm?

The first step is to contact your insurance company and start a claim. Do not act like it is no big deal or that the claim is not urgent. You need to tell them that you have a tree company in mind and that is who you’re using. If they sense that the claim is not urgent, they will drag their feet while you shop around for them collecting different estimates until they are satisfied with one. This is not how things should go after you’ve always paid your premium when they ask. If your property gets damaged during a storm, you deserve a quality company that knows the process and it should all be covered less your deductible. Do not shop around for your insurance company per their request. You have a right to who you let on your property and you deserve a smooth and easy-going process which is rarely the case with the cheapest bid.

The second step is to have one of our estimators come out ASAP to inspect the damage and have a plan of action with a time frame and a dollar amount ready to go for the insurance adjuster. Contact us here.

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