What Is the Correct Way To Drop a Tree in Southern Maryland?

manual worker removing tree in residential area

What do you know about how to drop a tree in Southern Maryland? Read about some of the safety regulations in place and more.

Almost one thousand loggers each year receive injuries while performing their job. You can imagine that the role is a very dangerous one because of the equipment used. If you are in the Southern Maryland area, how can you ensure that you are engaging in tree cutting in a way that is safe and effective?

This article will help you by giving you instructions and advice on how to move forward trying to drop a tree. By the end, you should have a good handle on the basics to do so in a safe way. So, have a read and then investigate your options.

Safety Gear

Do not forget to wear the correct equipment to remain safe during the entire tree cutting process. You will need the following, if not more:

Logging helmet
Face screen
Safety glasses
Kevlar chaps

If you are unsure of what else you might need, you can always ask a tree service for more advice.


If you buy a few wooden or plastic felling wedges, you will be able to use them to separate a tree on the felling side. This stops the tree from pinching your chainsaw if it starts to tip the wrong way.


You should always plan well before doing a potentially-dangerous job like this. It will prevent accidental injury and ensure everyone remains safe.

Felling Zone

Work out where you will be felling the tree into and mark it out. Prevent others from entering that area. There are several ways of doing this, both technological and crude in nature.

Whichever option you go for, make sure to add a little extra to be sure.

Cutting Zone

Clear an area around the tree for cutting. Also, ensure you have several escape routes for when you need to move when the tree falls.

Assess the Tree

Check for dead branches that are likely to fall during felling. Also, ensure that the tree is unlikely to fall in an unwanted direction, as sometimes this is unavoidable.

Have a Lookout

Work with a second person you trust to help fell the tree. They can keep an eye out while you do the work, for your safety.

Tree cutting

The actual process of tree cutting takes several steps. Do not skip any, they are all there to ensure you act in a safe manner.

Make a Notch

Make a notch one-fifth of the tree’s diameter in the side you wish the tree to fall down on. This will weak it on that side.

Felling Cut

Cut into the tree on the opposite side of the wedge using a chainsaw. This should create a straight line towards the very tip of the wedge.

Use the Wedge

Hit the wedge into the felling cut to start to tip the tree. This is also useful as the tree starts to tip towards the felling wedge, as otherwise, it will pinch the chainsaw.

Mixing the use of the wedge with cutting the felling cut deeper will soon bring the tree down.

Doing This in Southern Maryland?

Now you understand how to drop a tree in a safe manner. Although, would you not be happier to get a professional on the job for you?

We are a Southern Maryland tree cutting company, ready to help you with your tree felling issues by taking over where you need us. All you need to do is phone us and let us know your needs, and we will advise you on your next steps. So, give us a ring.


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