Best Time Of Year To Plant Trees & Shrubs

If you’re looking to give your landscape a facelift, and with spring around the corner, why not consider planting some trees or shrubs? Planting at the right time of year can be the difference between success and failure when it comes to establishing new plantings. For those who aren’t experts on gardening, it can seem confusing as to when exactly is the best time to start planting. In this post we cover all that you need to know about when’s the best time for adding trees or shrubs in your garden all year round!

Research the best time of year to plant trees and shrubs in your local area

As you plan your next landscaping project, don’t forget to consider the best time of year to plant trees and shrubs in your local area. Before you start digging, it’s important to understand the unique climate and soil conditions in your region. Make sure you choose the right species that will thrive in your environment, and pay attention to factors like rainfall, temperature, and sunlight. By doing your research and planting at the optimal time, you can give your new trees and shrubs the best chance for success and create a beautiful landscape that will last for years to come. Many people start planting in the late summer to fall. A professional tree company can help you plant your trees during the spring and summer seasons. You can consult with our arborists on the best time to plant your tree or shrub.

Consider the type of tree or shrub you’d like to plant

Choosing the right type of tree or shrub to plant can make all the difference in creating a beautiful and healthy garden. It’s important to consider factors like the climate in your area, the amount of sun and water the plant needs, and its growth habits. For example, certain species may require specific planting times in order to thrive. It can be helpful to do some research and consult with local tree experts to determine which trees or shrubs are best suited for your specific outdoor space.

Identify a spot in your yard for the tree or shrub

When considering where to plant, take note of the amount of direct sun the area receives throughout the day. A good rule of thumb is to find a spot that receives at least six hours of direct sunlight daily. With the right amount of sunshine, your tree or shrub will thrive, providing beauty and serenity to your outdoor space.

Choose appropriate soil for tree and shrub planting

When it comes to planting trees and shrubs, the importance of choosing the right soil cannot be stressed enough. Different types of soil have unique needs that must be considered to ensure healthy growth and development of plants. Sandy soils, for instance, drain water quickly, making it difficult for plants to retain moisture for a long time. On the other hand, loamy soils are ideal for tree and shrub planting as they are a perfect blend of sand, silt, and clay, offering excellent drainage and moisture retention. Lastly, rocky soils are not the easiest to work with as they lack essential nutrients and may restrict root growth. By understanding the unique needs of each type of soil, you can choose the perfect one for your trees and shrubs, ensuring they thrive and flourish in their new home.


Planting trees and shrubs can be an incredibly rewarding experience, providing your home with added beauty, value, and environmental benefits. Taking these steps will not only improve your landscaping efforts but can also help ensure a safe and positive outcome for both you and the new plants on your property.


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