Why You Need To Remove Fallen Trees

Fallen trees are an unfortunate reality of life, especially in areas that are prone to severe weather conditions. Whether it’s due to strong winds, heavy rain, or simply old age, a fallen tree can pose a serious risk to your property and safety. While it may be tempting to leave a fallen tree alone, it’s important to understand why you need to remove it and what the consequences could be if you don’t. In this post, we’ll discuss why you need to remove fallen trees and what you can do to prevent them from causing further damage.

Fallen Trees Can Cause Property DamageFallen Trees

One of the most compelling reasons to remove a fallen tree is that it can cause extensive damage to your property. A tree that falls onto your home, garage, or car can leave you with thousands of dollars in repairs to deal with. And even if the tree doesn’t cause any direct damage, it can still pose a risk to your property by blocking access to your driveway or creating a hazardous obstacle on your lawn.

Fallen Trees Are a Safety Hazard

In addition to causing property damage, fallen trees can also pose a serious safety hazard. If a fallen tree blocks a  roadway or a sidewalk, it can create a dangerous situation for pedestrians and motorists alike. Furthermore, the weight of a fallen tree can be immense, making it difficult to move and potentially causing further damage if it’s not handled properly.

Rotting Trees Can Attract Pests and Disease

Fallen trees that are left untreated can also attract pests and diseases to your property. Rotting wood is a breeding ground for insects like termites and carpenter ants, which can spread to other areas of your home. Additionally, rotting trees can harbour disease that can spread to other trees on your property, putting your entire landscape at risk.

Removing Fallen Trees Can Improve Your Home’s Value

Another reason to remove fallen trees is that it can improve your home’s value. A tree that’s fallen and left to rot can make your property look neglected and unkempt, which can have an adverse effect on its marketability. However, by promptly removing fallen trees and properly maintaining your landscape, you can increase your home’s curb appeal and overall value.

Prevent Fallen Trees Through Regular Maintenance

While it’s impossible to prevent all fallen trees, you can take preventative measures to minimize the risk. Schedule annual checkups with a certified arborist to identify any trees that are at risk of falling and have them removed before they become a problem. Additionally, regular tree pruning and trimming can help keep your trees healthy and reduce the risk of falling due to decay or overgrowth.


Removing fallen trees may seem like a hassle, but it’s a crucial step in protecting your property, your safety, and your landscape. By taking a proactive approach to tree maintenance and promptly removing fallen trees, you’ll be doing your part to keep your property in the best possible condition. So don’t wait until it’s too late – take action now to keep your property safe and beautiful.


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